Extreme Sports & Beyond: Exploring a new frontier in data with GoPro

The next step in GoPro’s strategy is a recently announced on-demand action sports channel on LG smart TVs, Microsoft Xbox One / Xbox 360. This expanded strategy into content networks and new product offerings brings a set of unique data management challenges. Chief among them: how to make effective use of the massive amounts of data generated by devices, content networks, retail sales, and social media.

Watch this special recorded webinar, hosted by Tableau, Trifacta and Cloudera and featuring GoPro. Hear from the big data architect and director of business intelligence at GoPro as they discuss:

  • How to wrangle, transform, and make sense of diverse, real-time data
  • Their Hadoop data management strategy including tools used for ingest and data access
  • How dashboards and reports leveraging disparate datasets provided the company with stronger business cases for new product development and customer segmentation
  • How they developed an analysis loop–integrating Cloudera, Trifacta, and Tableau–to link the work of data scientists, engineers, and analysts