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Create Your Analytics Tech Stack Dream Team

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Most of the words data and business intelligence analysts use to describe their analytics tech stacks are bloated, outdated, and complex. Those aren’t words that should be used to describe anything that’s supposed to deliver fast results.

So how do you go from a tech stack that sounds like a mess to one that speeds up reporting, shrinks learning curves, and produces results?

Our SALT (Snowflake, Alteryx, and Tableau) stack experts know, and they’re sharing their secrets with you in this webinar that shows you how to create a tech stack dream team with modern analytics.

Watch them for inside knowledge and tricks of the trade to discover how three data and analytics power players can transform your analytics operations into a streamlined, results-producing machine that:

  • Saves time by skipping the custom code needed to build complex processes
  • Automates analytic processes from input to output for repeatable insights
  • Delivers business-changing results you were promised from your current stack

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Score Business Goals With Sentiment Analysis

Whether you want to understand what soccer fans love during the biggest game of the year, or what your customers say about your brand, sentiment analysis can help.

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