Improving Customer Outcomes at Sainsbury’s with Cloud Analytics

In retail as in no other sector, the economy is uncertain — and challenging. To keep teams energized and margins sustainable, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead, but how?

In this Voice of the Customer webinar, we’ll hear from experts at UK retail giant Sainsbury’s and Cloud Data Platform provider Snowflake, on how they’ve worked together to:

  • Help 600 supermarkets and 800 convenience stores ride out fluctuations from the pandemic, supply chain issues, and more
  • Make faster and better decisions when it comes to key retail dynamics like supplier relationships, pricing, and promotions
  • Uncover deep predictive insights to handle time-sensitive situations with ease and grace

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to discover how a world-class name in retail beat the odds—and how your organization can do the same, with a little help from data and analytic automation.


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