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Mastering Data in Transfer Pricing

Tackle complex and repetitive data-driven tasks more efficiently

Understanding and efficiently managing data as a transfer pricing practitioner is of fundamental importance to be able to master increasingly data-driven challenges. Structured data management, appropriate data preparation and efficient data use are essential for making informed decisions, ensuring compliance and strategic planning in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

A survey of transfer pricing experts conducted by PwC showed that data collection and preparation take up 51% of the working time for transfer pricing-related tasks. Many of these activities are repetitive and are carried out manually using spreadsheets. By using low-code automation solutions, business users can build up capacity for tasks of greater added value without the need for coding resulting in greater work satisfaction.

In this webinar, PwC and Alteryx will show together:

  • Where and how we encounter data in everyday transfer pricing,
  • What challenges lie in working with a wide variety of data in everyday transfer pricing and how these can be overcome as well as
  • Examples of how automated data preparation and analysis can help reduce the burden created by ever increasing inquiries from within the company as well as by tax audits.

Please note: This Webinar is hosted in German.


Our Speakers

Dr. Alexander Totzek

Partner | Transfer Pricing | Head of Technology and Data & Analytics, PwC Hamburg

Dr. Fredrik Utesch-Xiong

Manager | Transfer Pricing Technology, PwC Düsseldorf

Dr. Quan Vuong

Senior Solution Engineer, Alteryx


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