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Four Steps to Accelerate Analytics Transformation: Step Two

Take the second step towards analytics transformation. See four tips on how to build excitement around change.

	Democratization Series 4 steps_Landing Page 1920x300

While analytics transformation won’t happen overnight, there are ways to get there faster. Make sure to check off our four recommended steps to accelerate your way there.

Step one is to address the why of change. Step two is about the will of change — growing employees’ motivation to change.

Get the guide to step two and explore:

  • Four programs that create excitement around analytics
  • The key questions employers must answer to build employee motivation around change
  • How to use emotional contagion to impact employees

Leaders need to make employees aware of what’s possible with data and analytics and excited enough to want to invest in training themselves.

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Maximizing ROI Through Data Democratization

Democratization is never easy, but here are steps organizations can take to make the process easier and analytics more accessible for everyone.

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Ventana report

Ventana Report: Effective Revenue Operations Need Data and Analytics

New revenue models are shifting the way organizations deliver growth. See the metrics you need to support your business needs and meet goals.

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Gartner Peer Insights Report
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Gartner Peer Insights Report for Data Science and Machine Learning

See why Alteryx is peer-recognized as a Customers’ Choice among thousands of organizations across the globe, as it helps all data workers —regardless of skill set — deliver actionable solutions with drag-and-drop ease.

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