Data Science in Practice: Five Common Applications

Data science makes the news almost every day.

But what is it, really? What can it do — and what can’t it?

Whether you’re a professional analyst or simply want to power your business, don’t miss these real-life success stories of data science optimizing processes, driving better business decisions, and boosting both top line revenue and bottom-line savings. Look beyond the myths and get the facts on:

  • How to exponentially improve products as well as day-to-day operations
  • How to get models into production faster so they can start making waves
  • Five case studies of data science success featuring companies like yours
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Alteryx for State and Local Government Financial Organizations

Drive efficiency and accuracy for Audit, Tax, FP&A, Accounting, and Treasury.

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Analytics Leader
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Alteryx for Inventory Management

Whether you’re in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, or another sector, driving efficiencies with inventory planning is a key strategy for cutting supply chain costs.

Supply Chain
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Alteryx: The Modern Alternative to Traditional Big Data Platforms

For today’s public sector organization, advanced analytics like predictive, geospatial, and text mining are must-haves. And typically, they’re on Big Data platforms.

Public Sector: DOD
Public Sector: FED
Public Sector: Intelligence
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