The Secret to Scaling Analytics

According to Forresterinsights-driven businesses are on track to collectively earn $1.8 trillion by 2021. Enabling insights that drive exponential revenue growth requires the shift from being “data aware” to being “data driven.”

But being data-driven requires having insights available throughout the organization. It’s no secret that scaling analytics is difficult — there are any number of ways to go about it, but perhaps none are quite as effective as DevOps, a mindset shift that pairs, rather than separates, the work of developers and implementers. Their combined skills enable faster integration, fewer siloes, and a handy element called automation. 

Read our latest whitepaper with Premier Partner RXP Group, “The Secret to Scaling Analytics,” to learn how to:

  • Understand + implement the DevOps approach to empower scalable analytics
  • Achieve scale with the right people, processes, and technology
  • Recognize if your organization is ready for a DevOps approach

The secret to scaling analytics is out. Is your organization ready to make the most of it?

True devops is not an initiative or a project, and it’s not about being directed under — it’s a mindset for everyone to adopt.