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Meet The Analytics Technology Accelerating Digital Transformation

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The Essential Guide to Analytic Process Automation

A recent McKinsey report notes that a large number of organizations underestimate the increasing momentum of digitization, the behavioral changes and technology driving it, and the scale of the disruption bearing down on them: Just 8 percent of companies surveyed said their current business model would remain economically viable if their industry keeps digitizing at its current course and speed.

What drives digital transformation success? In ā€œThe Essential Guide to Analytic Process Automation,ā€ discover how the convergence of analytics, data science, and process automation is accelerating successful digital transformation and fueling business outcomes.

Learn how Analytic Process Automation platforms:

  • Widen accessibility to data and analytics with hundreds of code-free building blocks
  • Automate repetitive and complex analytic processes to accelerate insights and actions
  • Scale analytics across the organization and amplify human output
  • Transform business outcomes and workforces including top-line growth, bottom-line return, efficiency gains, and perpetual upskilling

Digital transformation is attainable with Analytic Process Automation. Download the Essential Guide to learn how.

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Avoid Strategic Mistakes in Enterprise Analytics

Read this insight paper from Radiant Advisors to learn the biggest mistakes data executives make and how to avoid them.

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BI/Analytics/Data Science
Workforce Upskilling
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Power to the People:
The Case for an Enterprise Analytics Competency

Why, when, and how are critical questions for those who want to win using analytics. But they must understand how to answer those questions to gain a true enterprise analytics competency and shake up their industry.

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Data Prep & Analytics
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5 Questions to Ask Before You Use SAS for Your Next Analytics Project

The key to unlocking and leveraging the value of your data lies in choosing the right analytics approach, tools, and platform to support your business.

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Efficiency Gains
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