Govern Your Analytics

Implement and Deploy Modern Analytics Governance

We’ve been implementing analytic solutions for enterprises for over 25 years, enabling governance in 46% of the global 2000 and 19 of the world’s top 20 banks.

Analytics Management

Enable your organization to deliver value and solutions to any business problem by creating a governed analytics management environment.
Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence and Enablement

Democratize data and analytics to enable and upskill your workforce. Automate analytics to increase impact, value, and capacity within your organization.


Quickly and easily audit with self-documenting workflows that deliver structured, visual, and easy-to-understand process documentation. Full logging provides additional detail and process control.


Extract insights to better understand user behavior, analyze key metrics, assess and identify risk, and monitor performance in automated analytics workflows.

Data Lineage

Have complete control of your environment with full visibility into data flows, analytics methods, and patterns of behavior on desktop, on-prem servers, or in the cloud.
Promo and Versioning

Promotion and Versioning

Manage risk and enable enhanced control and management across workflows and changing environments. Integration to Git and other code versioning is available for software product analytic development.

Analytics Authentication

  • User Management: Merge data and import from other systems with fine-grained access user controls
  • Role-Based Security: Easily implement role-based security with enterprise access controls, such as Active Directory

Analytics Implementation

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Data Enrichment

Easily leverage external sources and built-in geospatial data for pinpoint location accuracy

Data Preparation

Merge data and systems with a drag-and-drop interface

Data Quality

Automate data cleansing with a powerful array of tools

Data Integration

Confidently manage and govern your data sources

Analytics Security

  • Role-Based Security: Easily implement role-based security with enterprise access controls
  • Data Privacy: Use automation to govern data and adhere to standards such as HIPAA, CCPA, and FIPS
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