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Recipes for Data Blending Success

As every foodie knows, any meal can start with great ingredients, but it's the chef, the tools, and the recipes he or she uses that turns great ingredients into a great meal. Likewise, you can start with data — and lots of it — but if you don't have the right tools and put the correct steps together to blend and analyze your data, the results won't be very appealing.

We've created a series of new "cookbooks" that illustrate how any business analyst can use the intuitive workflow of Alteryx to replace outdated and ill-suited tools for data blending and advanced analytics. The recipes in each cookbook walk you step-by-step through best practices to blend all your relevant data, and output it into your preferred format for further analysis.

The first cookbooks are now available, with more to come. Download a free copy of Alteryx and get cooking today!


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