Data Mining

Deliver insight quickly, easily, and intuitively.

Data is the New Asset. Democratize the Power to Mine it.

Data is the new corporate asset class. Extracting, identifying patterns, and converting it to value at speed requires putting the power of data mining in the hands of all users across the business. Alteryx lets users of all skill levels leverage clustering, classifications, and other data-mining techniques to deliver insight, quickly, easily, and intuitively.


Data Mining That’s Connected

Alteryx slashes data preparation time for merging, cleansing, reshaping, and restructuring data sets to feed data mining algorithms. Drag-and-drop data mining tools make it simple to apply intelligence to data, enrich it, and route it for analysis.

  • Untap your data: Easily feed data science functions with blended data from data warehouses, databases, Hadoop, NoSQL, social, apps, Big Data, and cloud sources
  • Breadth of analysis: Easily apply clustering, segmentation, market basket analysis, and statistical functions to databases and data flows
  • Flexible environment: Build datasets for data mining software such as SAS or SPSS and utilize power algorithms in Alteryx or natively read/write to common models in SAS, SPSS and R


Reveal Patterns at the Speed of Business

Traditional data mining software simply can't keep up with unlocking customer and product insights. In a single intuitive environment, business users can connect and incorporate data, visually apply functions like market basket affinity analysis, and AB test analysis to reveal consumer buying patterns or marketing campaign performance.

  • Speed data and enrich collection: Connect and blend financial, sales, service, operational apps, and databases to maximize data granularity and cardinality for the best mining results
  • Business-ready data mining functions: Use 40+ prepackaged tools encompassing the most widely used data science functions, all visually accessible from Alteryx Designer
  • Easy to customize data mining templates: Predictive District, part of the Analytics Gallery, enables business users to customize pre-built data science apps


Scalable. Comprehensive. Intuitive.

Data mining works with in-database logic, data preparation, geospatial capability, data parsing and transformation and much more, to provide a comprehensive palette of functionality for analysts of every skill level to work with data. It’s one intuitive platform for the whole analytics lifecycle.

  • In-database processing: Apply grouping, summarizing, and formulas in-database prior to mining to maximize performance 
  • Comprehensive analytics library: Combine data mining with predictive, demographic, geospatial, data profiling, and sampling for complete data intelligence
  • Reuse and share: Connect your citizen data scientists with a platform that promotes reusing, sharing, and finding existing workflows

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