Prescriptive Analytics

Take the best actions using prescriptive insight.

Don’t Just Predict. Prescribe.

You know what’s happened. You know what’s about to happen. But do you confidently know the best course of action to take? Prescriptive analytics power helps. Alteryx makes it simple to apply the latest optimization techniques, game out different outcomes given business constraints, and even simulate outcomes based on uncertain conditions. Take the best actions using prescriptive insight.




Optimization Analytics — the Power to Solve

Alteryx makes it simple to flow data into a powerful Optimization Tool, enabling users to test out scenarios and arrive at the most optimal marketing spend, discounting, profitability, revenue goals, headcount, inventory levels, and much more based on business constraints.

  • Intelligent and intuitive: Assists users with variable suggestions based on model objective and constraints in a completely visual environment
  • Full optimization: Offers support for linear programming, mixed integer linear programming and quadratic programming problems
  • Completely open: Has built-in optimization functionality, and plugs into the leading open source and proprietary solvers



Simulation Analytics — Account for Uncertainty

Uncertainty is everywhere — demand, conversion rates, supplier quality, and other variables. The best predictive models account for it. Alteryx enables you to apply Monte Carlo analysis to your data and analytic flows, enabling confident decisions in a fluctuating business environment. 

  • Suite of simulation tools: Find a complete array of simulation capability including sampling, scoring, and results analysis
  • Simulate any data: Join, merge, cleanse, and restructure data across sources to maximize simulation results
  • Iterative power: Get instant visual feedback on results for iterative modeling, click-not-code parameter setting, and interactive analysis


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