Big Data Analytics In Your Database

Effortlessly utilize every ounce of your database’s native intelligence for analytics.

Turn Your Databases into Big Data Analytics Powerhouses

Put the power of your databases to work. Unlock performance by blending and analyzing Big Data without moving it out of the database. Alteryx enables you to effortlessly utilize every ounce of your database’s native intelligence for analytics. Comprehensive in-database support for Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Teradata, and more enables you to fully tap their analytics potential.

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Database Power ― Maximized

Alteryx pushes down Big Data analytics processing to Amazon Redshift, Apache Hive, Cloudera Impala, Microsoft (Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Database, SQL Server), SAP HANA, IBM Netezza, Teradata, Spark, and Oracle to analyze more, faster.

  • Push-down processing: Apply in-database operations to the data in place to prep and analyze the largest data sets
  • In-database logic: Select, Filter, Formula, and Summarize operations enable maximum analytic processing where the data lies
  • Stream in additional data: Stream, Join and Union in-DB tools make it simple to import and join external data, all in-database


In-Database Performance ― No-Code Required

Getting the most out of the native power of your database power needn’t require hand-crafted SQL, HQL, or other technical database queries. Alteryx makes it simple to connect to the data at the source, cleanse, prep, blend, and analyze the data in-database — using clicks not code.

  • Empower analysts and business users: In-database tools enable analysts to work with large datasets without the help of IT or technical staff
  • Drag and drop ease of use: Create analytic workflows that use in-database intelligence all in Alteryx Designer’s intuitive, drag-and-drop environment
  • Complete visual tooling: The full suite of intuitive, visual components instantly turn clicks into native, optimized database queries


More Analytics Scope ― Less Headache

Spend more time blending and enriching the biggest data sets ― and less time battling performance bottlenecks. Analyzing customers, inventory, transactions, or sales data is better in-place. In-database intelligence enables you to analyze more data — and cut time coding or waiting for processing.

  • Work with large data sets: Use the full data set for accurate analytic insights, rather than compromising with limited extracts
  • Analyze at petabyte scale: Take advantage of the latest Big Data database analytics processing innovations to blend and analyze at petabyte scale
  • Blend in-database processing into broader workflows: Easily apply in-database processing and integrate results with downstream analysis and workflows