Descriptive Analytics

Power up your analysis to the max.

Analyze the Past With Power and Precision

Getting the most out of descriptive analytics means gaining clear, timely perspective and unlocking hidden insights into “what-happened?” Alteryx combines powerful capabilities to maximize descriptive analytics against massive data volumes with time intelligence, data mining and profiling, spatial and demographic analysis and more ― providing a rich data foundation primed for analysis.


In-Database Descriptive Analytics Power

Descriptive analysis can often mean large data volumes. Alteryx composes database-optimized queries to maximize descriptive analytics to the data in place against the largest data sets.

  • Push-down processing: Alteryx applies common descriptive analysis operations like sum, grouping, min, max, averaging, and filtering directly to the database to maximize performance
  • Comprehensive in-database support: Alteryx fully utilizes the analytics processing power of Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Teradata and more
  • Code-free optimization: In-database optimization requires no coding or hand-crafted SQL


Mine Your Data for Historical Insight

Your data can reveal incredible insights, but only if you can mine it effectively and efficiently. Alteryx empowers your business users and analysts to apply the latest data-profiling and data-mining functions to understand the goodness of data for analysis, and tease out patterns and trends.

  • Complete data profiling: Easy to read visuals show the statistical distribution of the data, as well as grade the completeness of each value
  • Mine your data with ease: Apply clustering, segmentation, market-basket analysis, AB test analysis, and statistical functions easily to databases and data flows
  • Leverage your data mining assets: Read and write data from/to SAS and SPSS or integrate models built in R directly into Alteryx workflows


Power Up Your Analysis To the Max

Enrich your data for the best descriptive analytics. Add spatial, geocoding and demographic intelligence to your existing data, or even blend in third-party data sets to enable deeper classification, segmentation, and comparison.

  • Geocode large volumes of data quickly: Allows analysts to enrich it with spatial analytics 
  • Demographic analysis: Supports demographic, geographic, and householding for customer analysis
  • Third-party enrichment: Blend in, allocate, and append data from leading industry sources like U.S. Census, Experian, and other data sets

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