Visual Analytics

Supercharge your data visualization tools with agile, trusted data.

Supercharge the Data in Your Data Visualization

As much as 80% of time is wasted preparing data for analytics. Alteryx changes the game by enabling analysts to quickly and intuitively source and blend data, cleanse it, or enrich it with predictive or spatial insight. Supercharge Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI, or other data visualization tools with agile, trusted data.

FREE Analytic Template for Tableau


Play With Data – Every Step of the Analytics Journey

Is your data preparation as intuitive as your data visualization tools? If not, then it’s time for Alteryx. No more spreadsheets, coding, copying, or pasting. Just sourced, enriched, and cleansed data flowing to your dashboards, at speed.

  • Faster data blending: Access and blend data from all data sources, including cloud and local data, all in a single intuitive workflow
  • Create smarter visualizations: Easily add predictive, prescriptive, spatial, and statistical analysis to data to take visualizations to the next level
  • Visual preparation: A completely click-not-code data preparation environment enables analysts to easily create a trusted, perfect dataset


Data Preparation That’s Visually Connected

With Analytic Templates and native support for loading Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik with blended and enriched data directly, your analysts are guaranteed a data preparation experience that plugs directly into the data visualization tools they’re using every day.

  • Analytic templates: Full analytic templates for Tableau, Qlik, and Microsoft Power BI provide survey analysis, polygon creation, XML parsing, A/B testing, retail and market-basket analysis, and more
  • Direct data integration: Easily convert data directly into Tableau Data Extracts, Qlik .QVX files, or Power BI data sets, no staging required
  • Comprehensive enablement: A complete set of guided tutorials, sample workflows, and dashboards for Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI speed analyst productivity


Scale Up With Confidence

Scale up to full governance when you need it. Workflow reuse and collaboration, and the power to load visual analytics tools or databases from the cloud or on-premise provides a trusted data foundation.

  • Lights-out data preparation: Built-in scheduling and automation capabilities help you schedule and run analytic workflows as needed
  • Share data preparation workflows: A centralized repository enables collaboration, version control, and sharing for capabilities, ensuring strong governance around data preparation
  • Scale out: Shift from directly loading your visual analytics tools to loading a datamart or warehouse – same solution, same workflows

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