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Governance for your business terminology

Get Everyone On the Same Page

Are you sure everyone is interpreting your analytics the right way? Maximizing decisions around analytics means capturing, agreeing on, and clearly defining the meanings behind metrics, business acronyms, and terms used across different business departments, and making them accessible to everyone. Alteryx provides a business glossary that ensures everyone is speaking the same language.



A Business Glossary That Everyone Can Agree On

Don’t operate on tribal knowledge around business terms. Alteryx centralizes, organizes, and presents terms in a clear, business-friendly view. No more arguments or misinterpreted metrics — just one version of the truth.

  • Clear and business-centric: Access terms, alternate names, descriptions, how metrics are calculated, and relationships with other metrics, all from a clear trusted resource
  • Searchable: Browse and search for terms based on their name, description, or how they relate to other terms
  • Multiple dictionaries: Dictionaries for different business areas and attributes around terms all make them easier to find, understand, and manage


Governance for Your Business Terminology

Governance isn’t only essential for your data, workflows, and reporting. Your business terms and definitions all benefit from consistency, change management, and ownership. Alteryx enables complete lifecycle management, impact analysis, and change management around business definitions.

  • Lifecycle management: The workflow ensures terms are updated, approved and published in a controlled way
  • Impact analysis: Terms are connected to their contexts via relationships. These provide a view of the assets that are related to or influenced by them.
  • Governance support: Ownership of business terms, change, and dependency management ensures consistency and trust


Fingertip Clarity to Drive Better Decisions

Bring your business glossary directly into where business users are making everyday decisions. Easily look up the meaning behind metrics directly from documents, reports, or simply open a search window and copy and paste the term into it.

  • Highlight known terms: Terms defined in your business glossary can be highlighted on any HTML, Word or Excel page and explained
  • Interpret reports with confidence: Easily search the business glossary based on a selected text directly from your reports
  • Easily import and export terms: Get support for importing and exporting of business dictionaries and terms

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