Data Collaboration

Say goodbye to data silos.

Perfect Your Data With Ease

Whether you’re creating a cloud data warehouse, building sales and service analytics, or shining a light on customer trends, your initiative will be more successful when it’s collaborative. Alteryx makes it simple to find and reuse existing information assets from fellow experts, search for certified or highly rated data assets, and even publish assets to teams or across and beyond the enterprise.


Intuitive Collaboration Advanced Governance

Say goodbye to data preparation silos. Easily publish workflows to be reused by others directly from Alteryx Designer. Find and reuse existing blended, predictive, or enriched analytics. Collaborate with confidence using built-in governance that ensures everyone is using the right data and the latest workflows.

  • Self-service sharing and reuse: Easily publish or reuse data blending, enrichment, and analytics information assets
  • Team, enterprise, or public data collaboration: Use a complete range of collaboration options, from group and enterprise sharing to exchanging and tapping into workflows created by the Alteryx community 
  • Governance foundation: Reuse, versioning, security, and permissioning around workflows reduces inconsistency and cuts duplication of effort


Collaborate. Within and Beyond Your Enterprise

Your data workflows are a powerful asset. It’s why Alteryx makes sharing or reusing them simple and intuitive. Publish them within your team or organization, or tap into workflows developed by other departments inside your organization — even get apps developed by other Alteryx users. 

  • Centralize and reuse: Store data workflows in a shared, trusted repository using Alteryx Server to improve consistency and foster collaboration
  • Share workflows with teams and communities: Use Alteryx Analytics Gallery to upload and share workflows, or run the workflows that were developed within or beyond the enterprise
  • Track changes and manage versions: See information about each version, such as who has saved it, the time of the change, and comments


Enhance Data Collaboration With Metadata Intelligence

We’ve taken collaboration further with Alteryx Connect. A business glossary and versioned asset catalog provides a searchable team or enterprise hub for business terms, lineage, workflows and reports. Social intelligence enables teams to collaboratively rank and rate information assets.

  • Shared business glossary: Create and collaborate around standard business terms using a data dictionary 
  • Search and discover with ease: Easily search for the right data workflows, the most relevant data sources, or the right metrics and reports.
  • Social data ranking and rating: Annotate, discuss, and rate workflows and reports to make the best decisions based on team and expert insights

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