Data Blending

Blend faster, smarter, and collaboratively.

Create Analytic Datasets at the Speed of Thought

Your data is everywhere―on-premise, cloud, apps, databases, files, social sources and more. Disparate fields and formats. Structured and unstructured. 80-percent of time spent in analytics is often spent creating data sets by manually merging it all together using onerous code and error-prone spreadsheets. Alteryx changes the game with visual, repeatable, and automated workflows.  Blend faster, smarter, and collaboratively.

Free Analytic Template for Data Blending

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Visual Data Blending Software

Drag-and-drop workflow environment enables analysts to build out analytic datasets visually, see how data progresses through the process, quickly identify where issues may lie and optimize data flows on-the-fly. No SQL, no scripting, and no VLOOKUPS required.

  • Click-not-code blending – Extract, join, filter, group, and transform and cleanse data across any number of sources using Alteryx Designer
  • Powerful data cleansing – Fuzzy matching, appending, find and replace, data restructuring and reformatting makes improving data quality easy
  • Repeatability built-in – Save, share, repeat or schedule workflows to automate data blending, processing, updates, or regularly refresh analysis


Fingertip Access to Information Assets

Alteryx data blending tools gives analysts direct access to data of any type or source to help deliver a more complete view of the insight they need to make more informed decisions. No-code, native connectivity, and in-database performance fast-tracks turning your data sources into analytics-ready datasets.

  • Databases and files – Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, NoSQL, spreadsheets, and files
  • Dozens of apps –  Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle, Marketo, SPSS, SAS and much more
  • Social and third-party data – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, US Census Data


Turn Your Data Into Intelligence

With direct integration to leading data visualization and discovery tools, Alteryx enables analysts to take route their blended data sets for rapid analysis. And with built-in advanced analytics, analysts not only have the power to blend in data, they can add predictive, spatial, and even prescriptive insight to their datasets too.

  • Feed data visualization tools – Pump data directly into Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik to speed data to dashboard workflows
  • Blend in more intelligence – Support for spatial, geospatial, predictive and prescriptive analytics enables analysts to add powerful insights to data
  • Flow data where you need it – Take your newly blended data set across the organization, loading downstream databases, apps, or other systems