Data Wrangling

Making Data Wranglers 100x More Productive? Believe It.

Munging, wrangling, or corralling data using spreadsheets, scripting, or hand-coded SQL is just plain painful. Manually extracting, parsing, joining, standardizing, augmenting, cleansing, consolidating, and filtering data is repetitive, error-prone, and slow. Hundreds of thousands of data wranglers globally rely on Alteryx to work up 100X faster — visually, efficiently, and collaboratively.

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Purpose-Built Power for the Data Wrangler

Alteryx Designer is the perfect companion for every data wrangler. Drag-and-drop visual workflows and more than one hundred pre-built wrangling tools cover the full data lifecycle spectrum. Blend data, assess data health, adjust workflows on the fly, reuse, share, and automate.

  • Visual data wrangling: Use Alteryx Designer to extract, join, filter, group, and transform and cleanse data across any number of sources 
  • Intuitive data quality management: Data profiling, fuzzy matching, appending, find-and-replace, and data reformatting make it easy to identify and correct issues
  • Automation of common wrangling tasks: Share, repeat, or schedule workflows to put extraction or other regular tasks on cruise control


Effortlessly Break Data Free From Data Sources

Dozens of data sources often drive downstream data visualization tools. With myriad reporting formats, APIs, query languages, or data files, getting the data is always a headache. Alteryx provides comprehensive no-code connectivity to your databases, apps, and files, whether on-premise or cloud. 

  • Databases and files: Pull from Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, NoSQL, spreadsheets, and files
  • Dozens of apps: Access Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle, Marketo, SPSS, SAS, and much more
  • Social and third-party data: Mine Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and U.S. Census Data


Fuel Dashboards, Apps, and Databases

Data wranglers sit squarely in the middle of the analytics journey. Consumers of data include everything from data visualization tools to downstream data warehouses. Alteryx directly pumps data into leading analytics tools and databases, and even enriches data with advanced analytics as needed by information consumers.

  • Pump data into data visualization tools: Load data directly into Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik to speed data to dashboard workflows
  • Enrich data with advanced analytics: Support for spatial, geospatial, predictive and prescriptive analytics enables analysts to add powerful insights to data
  • Broaden your data reach: Take your newly blended data set across the organization, loading databases, operational apps, or other systems

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