Demographic Analysis

Getting the next level of business and customer insight has never been easier.

Tap Into Business and Consumer Data Intelligence

Demographic analysis enables you to analyze your customers in a whole new way. Alteryx empowers analysts to blend internal data with industry data sources like the U.S. Census Bureau, Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet, for insight into customer demographics, firmographics, location intelligence, and segmentation. It’s all incredibly simple and intuitive. Getting the next level of business and customer insight has never been easier.


Incorporate Powerful Consumer Insight

With preconfigured integration to a broad range of data sources, including Experian consumer and household data and U.S. Census information, it’s easy to blend in third-party data to drive targeted marketing campaigns, enhance product and pricing strategies, perform market analysis, and much more.

  • Customer insight: Incorporate Experian Simmons survey data on consumer behavior such as psychographics, lifestyle, attitudes, and opinions 
  • Lifestyle segmentation: Blend in Experian Mosaic data that categorizes households and neighborhoods into unique groups based on socio-demographics, lifestyles, behaviors, and culture.
  • Consumer preferences: Add Experian ConsumerView HH data to gain insights into your consumer demographics, buyer preferences, and occupational data


Firmographics at Your Fingertips

Sizing and optimizing your sales territories, identifying the best places to hire sales and service personnel, or simply targeting campaigns and events requires B2B analytics. Alteryx makes it simple to blend in firmographic data directly from sources like Dun & Bradstreet so you can optimize valuable B2B resources.

  • Authoritative business insight: Blend in data from a 100+ different variables including sales volume, employee data, square footage, all broken out by SIC and NAICS codes
  • Spatial analytics ready: Easily add latitude and longitude data for business home bases so that your data is primed for sales or service decisions
  • Traffic count data: Insight into traffic counts from Kalibrate Technologies provides powerful information to inform site selection, market attractiveness, or route selection


Built-in Demographic Tooling

Alteryx provides the power to get the most out of demographic analytics, with spatial tools for standardizing and converting geographic data, dedicated capabilities to append third-party data, and tooling to mine for insights, predict outcomes, or suggest optimal scenarios in your blended and enriched data.

  • Spatial intelligence: Take demographic analysis further with automated geocoding, drive-time analysis, and polygon management so it’s ready for data visualization 
  • Demographic tools: Pre-built tools automatically append demographic variables to your data, create formatted demographic reports, convert abbreviations, and more
  • Advanced analytics: Utilize intuitive tools to apply descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to identify trends, outliers, correlations, or optimize scenarios

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