Spatial Analytics

Geographic Business Intelligence®

Turn Your Data Into a Geospatial Goldmine

Powering up business decisions with geospatial data and analysis to optimize marketing campaigns, sales territories, transportation and logistics, or service coverage can deliver powerful results. Yet blending multiple data sets, applying geocoding, and enriching it with location intelligence is time consuming and error-prone. With built-in spatial analytics, Alteryx enables anyone to unleash geospatial intelligence.


Blend, Geocode, Enrich - Fast

With an intuitive workflow that allows you to visually bring in several datasets, geocode them, combine them spatially, with sources like TomTom and US Census data, and even enrich them with demographic data. Alteryx makes turning traditional data into geospatial data easy — no data scientists required.

  • Easily source data –  From spreadsheets, files databases, unstructured data, social sources, mobile apps CRM, or ERP sources
  • Spatially enable your data –  Powerful street geocode tool spatially enables by taking standard address information and geocoding to determine latitude and longitude
  • Enrich for more insight –  Use your newly spatially enhanced dataset to blend in household data, or firmographic information from sources like Dun & Bradstreet and Experian


Take It To the Next Level With Spatial Intelligence 

With built-in spatial analytics tools from Alteryx makes field service and sales territory optimization, asset location planning, transportation and logistics management, or location-specific marketing using your data easier than you ever thought possible.

  • Multiple spatial tools – Distances, drivetime, find nearest, polygon manipulation, trade areas points make spatial calculations simple
  • Spatial matching tool – Calculate and establish relationships between spatial objects, such as how many customers fall outside a 10-minute drive time for each location
  • Trade area tool – Size a targeted area surrounding each location, ideal for calculating and building sales territories based on opportunities, or field service based on household volume


Power Up Your Geospatial Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization tools or geographic information systems have powerful geospatial visualization capabilities. Alteryx makes it easy to output the results of your enriched, spatially enabled data to them, so you can see and analyze your data based on a whole new set of location enabled attributes or metrics.

  • Output to your geospatial visualization tools – Supports a variety of file formats, such as Microsoft Excel, ESRI, XML, PDF, Tableau and Qlik
  • Get more out of your geographic information system – Overlay detailed maps or satellite imagery on your Alteryx spatially enriched data to uncover move insights
  • Spatially enable your data warehouse – Update your cloud or on-premise data warehouse with spatially enriched results to enhance all downstream analytics like dashboards or reports