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Your data is everywhere, in hundreds of silos and systems. The best analytics connect and unite it — at speed. Alteryx natively integrates with marketing, sales, finance, service, operational applications, databases, and Big Data, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Without code, without hassle. It’s the power of an unmatched partner ecosystem, and native integrations.

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Technology Partners

The data landscape is wider and more varied than ever. That’s why Alteryx partners with more than 200 industry, solution, and technology providers like Tableau, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Amazon, and many more — enabling drag-and-drop data preparation, blending, and analytics to and across databases, applications, and third-party data sources.

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Big Data Analytics with R

Alteryx Analytics, with deep integration of the R statistics and predictive language, offers a way to bridge the two worlds of ease of use and sophisticated predictive analytics.

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Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

Getting data in and out of your Hadoop and NoSQL databases can be painful, and require technical expertise. That limits the analytic value. Alteryx provides drag-and-drop connectivity to leading Big Data analytics datastores, simplifying the road to data visualization and analysis.

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Salesforce Analytics

Alteryx enables analysts to visually source, blend, cleanse, and enrich Salesforce and broader data up to 100X faster. Cut the spreadsheets, and analyze marketing campaign ROI and sales effectiveness, perform sales territory analysis, and understand prospect and customer journeys faster than you ever thought possible.

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SAP Analytics

What if there were no barriers to analyzing data from SAP? What if your analysts could easily unlock the data, and blend it with marketing, sales, and service data from your other business apps and databases? Alteryx empowers analysts to visually access your complete SAP landscape directly from Alteryx, so they can extract, blend, restructure, and analyze faster.

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