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Big Data Analytics with R

Predict The Future Without Waiting On IT

Businesses today are in a conundrum. Although the vast majority of organizations have a deep visibility into the past, thanks to traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools that analyze the historical performance of the business, many still depend on intuition or simple optimism to better understand the present and future, forcing them to ‘fly blind’ when mapping their company’s future strategy. Why? There are two primary reasons:

  • First, traditional BI tools lack forward-looking insight, rendering them useless in anticipating future performance.
  • Second, most of the predictive analytical tools on the market today are complex, time-consuming, and expensive to use. They also need a Ph.D. to understand them.

Alteryx Analytics, with deep integration of the R statistics and predictive language, offers a way to bridge these two worlds of ease of use and sophisticated predictive analytics.


Key Alteryx capabilities for Predictive Analytics:

  • Fastest Platform to build predictive analytics: Pre-built predictive tools, built using R, that can be very simply integrated into analytic applications
  • Fast access to all relevant data: A single workflow for preparing the dataset using Big Data success for analytics and building the analytics removing the traditional wasted time integrating data before doing any analysis
  • Simple sharing of predictive analytics: Single click sharing of analytic applications, making easy to get accessible predictive analytics in the hands of decision makers