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Salesforce Analytics Integration

Cut the Spreadsheets from Your Reporting and Analysis

If spreadsheets and scripting is an everyday part of your Salesforce reporting and analytics, then it's time to make the change.  Alteryx enables analysts to visually source, blend, cleanse, and enrich Salesforce and broader data up to 100X faster. Cut the spreadsheets, and analyze marketing campaign ROI and sales effectiveness, perform sales territory analysis, understand prospect and customer journeys faster than you ever thought possible.

Salesforce Analytics without the Spreadsheets

Alteryx is trusted by sales operations and analysts everywhere― whether analyzing Salesforce's Marketing, Sales, or Service Cloud data, looking to utilize tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik to visualize it without the effort of cleansing or scrubbing data in spreadsheets, or simply looking to put manual Salesforce data analytics processes on cruise control.

  • Harness Salesforce data with ease — Drag and drop Alteryx Designer makes it flow Salesforce standard and custom tables and fields into data workflows
  • Cut out the repetition — Data visualization software and workflows automate extraction, blending, cleansing and formatting of Salesforce data. Scheduling, and reuse cuts wasted effort from creating the perfect dataset
  • Total blending flexibility — Blend Salesforce data structured, semi-structured or disparate sources like files, apps, databases, device data, social sources and more


Cleanse, Blend, Analyze Your Salesforce Data

If your Salesforce data needs a boost, Alteryx is proven to help. Dataprofiling provides an instant view to see if it's healthy enough for real analysis. Quality tools help you address data issues. Blending enables you to add supporting data. Direct integration with leading analytics

tools fast tracks visualization.

  • Assess and improve Salesforce data quality — quickly and visually assess the statistical health and completeness, then eliminate nulls, cleanse, and standardize for better analysis
  • Blend for the complete picture — Combine Salesforce with NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft, Eloqua, SAP and other data for more complete customer, sales, product or service analysis
  • Speed analytics on Salesforce data — Extract and blend data with other sources, easily reformat and restructure data to directly load Tableau, Power BI, Qlik and Salesforce Wave


Enrich Salesforce Data for Marketing and Sales Optimization

Easily combine third-party data from sources like Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet to get a better understanding of your customers, marketing and sales opportunities. Tap into location intelligence to optimize sales productivity, marketing strategies or field service efficiency.

  • Add geospatial intelligence — Built-in spatial analytics tools enable analysts to enrich and combine Salesforce data with location data from sources like TomTom to identify campaign opportunities or size and optimize sales territories
  • Apply statistical, predictive, and prescriptive intelligence — Apply regression analysis, time series modeling, AB testing, and R integration power for lead and sales forecasting, and campaign analysis
  • Demographic insight — Blend in Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet business, consumer and household data and US Census information, to drive targeted marketing campaigns, create data-driven customer, product, pricing and market strategies

Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Salesforce today, and start doing more with your Salesforce data.


Salesforce Analytics Integration for...

Data Blending and Advanced Analytics

By combining the power of Alteryx and Salesforce, analysts can quickly blend their CRM data with other sources to produce the perfect datasets for analysis, including advanced predictive and geo-spatial analysis. With Alteryx’s easy-to-use drag and drop tools, it is easy for analysts to blend data, enrich it with third party information, and harness the power of R to uncover deeper insights.

With Alteryx, sales and marketing analysts are empowered to:

  • Prep and blend Salesforce data with any other sources rapidly. Extract and prep data from Salesforce and then easily blend it with structured,semi-structured or disparate data from other sources. Produce analytics-ready datasets from Salesforce,
  •  reducing complexity and the processing time required to unlock important answers.
  • Enrich Salesforce data for a more complete picture. Easily combine third party data, from the likes of Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet, and get a better understanding of your customers and a more complete picture of your business so you can make more-informed decisions.
  • Deliver richer insights with advanced predictive and geo-spatial analytics. Apply powerful, yet easy-to-use, advanced analytics to Salesforce data and get deeper insights without the need for coding from predictive specialist


Visualizations with Wave Analytics

With Alteryx and Wave Analytics, analysts have an end-to-end data access, preparation, analysis, and visualization process. Using Alteryx, analysts can produce the ideal datasets with Salesforce data, analyze it, and then connect to Wave Analytics for visualization. Getting from data to insights has never been easier.

With Alteryx, sales and marketing analysts are empowered to:

  • Create and write the perfect datasets for visualization in Wave Analytics. Analysts can directly write to Salesforce and Wave Analytics tables once data is prepped and blended, making it easy to go from Salesforce data to visualization
  •  and analytics insights.
  • Keep visualizations current with automated and easily-updated workflows. Analysts can iterate upon Alteryx workflows — manually or automatically — to ensure visualizations are kept up-to-date despite data changes, saving hours in manual updates.
  • Build upon existing workflows to address new questions with Wave visualization. As new questions arise, analysts can quickly address them using their existing Alteryx workflows and Wave dashboards.