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Analytic Capabilities

Don’t just analyze. Solve.

From data discovery to predictive analytics, drive outcomes in minutes.

Unlock the Real Value of End-to-End Analytics

Prep, blend, and enrich data to improve its usefulness. Quickly create forecasting, data science, and ML models for improved business decisions. Deploy, manage, and integrate predictive outcomes into business systems faster than you ever thought possible.

Data Prep and Analysis

Data Prep & Analytics

Master your data landscape. Connect, blend, and wrangle it. Profile it for sound analytics decisions. No code required.

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Data Science & Machine Learning

Scale data science across your business with automated machine learning (AutoML), predictive analytics, forecasting, and text analytics. Empower analysts and data scientists to accelerate innovation.

Data Science and Machine Learning

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Analytics Automation

Stop reinventing the wheel. Create and automate workflows to accelerate innovation. Discover the analytics and data science platform that empowers everyone to make breakthrough insights.

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Governance & Auditability

Leverage the built-in capability of a fully auditable platform to minimize risks and improve governance. Monitor the usage and performance of your analytics workflows across the organization.

Governance and Auditability

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Machine Learning Operations


Accelerate model deployments by eliminating recoding and error-prone, labor-intensive processes that can take weeks or months to complete — costing organizations valuable time and resources.

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