Analytic Governance

Ensure consistent, auditable, and governed analytics

Democratize data and access to analytics across your organization without losing control. With governed self-service analytics, you can ensure your next breakthrough is trusted and delivered with consistency and auditability.

Certified, Auditable and Reusable Analytic Assets

  • Simple drag-and-drop interface serves as a visual audit trail for transparent decision making
  • Stop reinventing the wheel and reuse analytic assets across the organization
  • Create a marketplace of trusted reports, dashboards, apps and workflows
Alteryx Product on Computer

Built-in Security, Governance, and Best Practices

  • Create a culture of analytics by unleashing line-of-business users to all your data platforms using existing access, authentication and authorization permissions
  • Reduce data sprawl and adhere to data quality standards by directly connecting to federated data stores in-memory without making the data persistent

Share & Collaborate

  • Create, publish, and share analytic workflows and outcomes
  • Create and deploy analytic apps that can be reused across the organization
  • Track lineage and understand usage of analytic apps

With Alteryx, we’ve been able to significantly upgrade our automation as it relates to manipulating client data, performing reconciliations, and filing returns. It has given us a 50% reduction in manual processes.

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Alteryx 101 - Unlock and Automate Your Data With Ease - Billigence

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