Simplify your machine learning lifecycle

Deploy predictive models faster and eliminate error-prone, labor-intensive processes that can take weeks or months to complete — and cost valuable time and resources.

Model Deployment 

  • Quickly deploy Python, R, or Alteryx models to production systems
  • Eliminate recoding
  • Create REST API end points for business applications 

Person on laptop using automated analytics through the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform

Lifecycle Management 

  • Govern and support the MLOps lifecycle 
  • Simplify management of deployment process
  • Manage and track model versions and rollback
  • Deploy across dev, test, and production environments 

Lifecycle Management

Model Performance

Model Performance Monitoring 

  • Monitor system resources from all model services from a centralized dashboard
  • Verify health, performance, and availability of models.
  • Create workflows to update models based on performance metrics

Alteryx empowers people like us, who have little to no computer coding background, to do complex things with data.

Ready-to-use solutions to speed your analytic outcomes

Simply download the Starter Kit and plug in to get a package of prebuilt analytic templates — analyses that solve real-world problems.

Intelligence Suite 

Create models in just a few clicks with AutoML. 

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 Office of Finance

Create forecasts and identify trends with analytics automation.  

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Snowflake Starter Kit

Utilize Snowflake’s in-database and bulk-loading capabilities directly in Alteryx. 

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Assess your ROI Potential

Use the interactive ROI calculator to estimate the value of analytics automation on your bottom line.

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Use Case
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Partner Capability Matrix

Create a one-stop dashboard of partner capabilities to educate sales on what each partner has to offer.

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Entertainment & Media
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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Automated Analytics

Automated analytics is the fuel for your organization’s growth, keeping it relevant, agile, and one step ahead of your competitors.

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Business Leader
Alteryx Machine Learning
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2021 Alteryx Podcast Wrap-up

In this special crossover podcast episode, hosts Maddie Johannsen and Susan Currie Sivek relive some of their favorite standout moments and special guests.

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