Blend all Relevant Data for More Accurate Analysis

As greater volumes and types of data become necessary for analysts to enable critical decisions, blending data sources to gather insights is now more important than ever. Unfortunately, many data analysts try to accomplish this using Microsoft Excel or other tools that were not designed for preparing and joining the influx of new data. Frustrated, they turn to their IT department or data scientists within their organization to write code and manually build the analytic dataset they need, losing precious time and control.

Alteryx eliminates this frustration through self-service data analytics that allows line-of-business analysts themselves to access, cleanse, and blend data from multiple sources using drag-and-drop tools with no coding required. This enables the people who know the data the best to easily create the actionable analytic dataset they need for business decision making (such as retail site selection, or multichannel profiling), or for driving a specific business process (such as packaging data for sale by data aggregators.)

Key Alteryx capabilities for Data Blending:

  • Connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets and other sources
  • Easily join data from multiple sources to deliver a more complete dataset
  • Repeatable workflow design that provides insight into every step of the data blending process, and allows you to automate future projects to save time and eliminate errors

Alteryx Data Blending Starter Kit

The Alteryx Data Blending Starter Kit highlights the flexibility and power of Alteryx to connect to all relevant data — regardless of format or physical location — and build the dataset you need to meet your organization’s analytical need. Download the Data Blending Starter Kit

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