Faster Data Preparation for More Accurate Analysis

Better decision making starts with better data. According to Ventana Research, analysts spend 60 to 80 percent of their time on data preparation instead of analysis. That's because many analysts continue to use traditional tools such as Microsoft Excel that were not designed for dealing with the influx of new and much larger sources of data. Others relinquish control to their IT department to build the analytic dataset they need, which significantly delays the decision making process.

Self-service data analytics from Alteryx empowers the line-of-business data analysts with a platform to maintain control of the entire analytic process, and accelerate the data preparation process. With Alteryx, analysts can easily perform the data preparation work needed for analytics, independently accessing, profiling, cleansing and joining data from multiple sources using drag-and-drop tools and without coding. In addition, Alteryx includes third party packaged data to enrich existing data and improve data quality. Self-service analytics allows the people who know the data the best to create the actionable analytic dataset they need for customer intelligence, predictive analytics, spatial analysis, and much more.

Key Alteryx Capabilities for Data Preparation:

  • Connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets and other sources
  • Improve the integrity and quality of your data with data profiling, advanced data cleansing and data manipulation tools such as fuzzy matching, parsing, and the ability to join data from multiple sources
  • Repeatable workflow design to assist with data integrity at every step of the data preparation process, and allows you to automate future projects to save time and eliminate errors

Alteryx Data Blending Starter Kit

The Alteryx Data Blending Starter Kit highlights the flexibility and power of Alteryx to connect to all relevant data – regardless of format or physical location – and build the dataset you need to meet your organization’s analytical need. Download the Data Blending Starter Kit

Data Preparation




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