Sound Insights Begin with Healthy Data

Insights that can be trusted begin with data that is complete and statistically sound. Data profiling quickly assesses the quality of a dataset prior to building analytic models. However, for a large number of analysts, assessing data quality often requires turning to statisticians or data scientists, delaying the model development and decision making process. This results in more time spent evaluating datasets as opposed to working on value-add advanced analytic modeling.

With automated data profiling, Alteryx empowers data workers and analysts with a platform to independently assess the health of a dataset, accelerate the data preparation and insight development process, and maintain control of the entire analytic process.

Analysts can easily assess the quality of their data with a visual output that shows the statistical distribution of the data points, grades the completeness of data in each column and then decide how to proceed with Alteryx. Should a dataset need to be enriched, Alteryx offers third party packaged data to improve data quality, as well as the ability to pull in and blend additional internally available datasets. Simple drag-and-drop tools allow analysts to further cleanse, investigate, and transform the data in order to prepare a dataset for building analytic models, reports, or to drive downstream processes.

Key Alteryx Capabilities for Data Profiling:

  • Automatically profile data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets and other sources by pulling the data into the Alteryx Designer
  • Easily understand the quality of your data with easy to read, visual outputs that show the statistical distribution of the dataset, as well as grade the completeness of each value
  • Quickly enhance and cleanse your dataset by blending a supplemental dataset, a third party dataset, or using over 45 tools to eliminate nulls, cleanse, investigate, and standardize a dataset

Data Profiling




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