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Mobile phone penetration and subscriber churn rates are at an all-time high, and traditional wireline carriers are going head-to-head with cable companies and other new entrants for lucrative Internet access and video-service revenue. In this ultra-competitive environment, where market price and offerings are largely consistent, communications service providers will differentiate themselves based on a superior customer experience.

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Alteryx Analytics allows a service provider to combine everything they know about a customer to predict their overall satisfaction, as well as their experience with service quality, convenience, competitive pressure, and many other factors. By determining a customer’s propensity to churn, carriers can focus retention campaigns and deliver preferential services to at-risk, high-value subscribers whose loss would cause the greatest impact to revenue.

Key Alteryx Capabilities for Customer Churn Analytics
  • Fast access to all relevant data: Drag-and-drop tools combine BSS, OSS, CRM and external data in a common analytics environment with unprecedented speed and capacity
  • Advanced predictive analytics tools: Identify potential network issues, competitive threats, and at-risk customers for proactive and immediate attention
  • Simple sharing of analytic insight: All departments benefit from access to data for retention/acquisition campaigns, customer service inquiries, and identification of negative customer experience trends

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