Tax, Audit, & Office of Finance

Go from antiquated spreadsheets to automated analytics

Maximize efficiency and performance across tax, audit, and FP&A.

Calculators. Spreadsheets. Now Alteryx.

Streamline and accelerate traditional compliance work, expand strategic partnerships, and help drive profitability and growth.


Simplify strategic decision-making and forecasting.


Lower costs and create end-to-end process testing and validations.
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Improve forecasting and what-if analysis and automate budgeting.
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Automate month-end close, journal entry, and consolidation.

Experience Automated Insights

Get deeper insights in minutes. Alteryx Auto Insights lets users automate the process of finding insights, so users can see trends and opportunities, discover the root cause in a single click, and make data-driven decisions.
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Audit Analytics

Complete multi-day processes in seconds with increased accuracy.

Financial Planning & Analysis Software

Make better strategic decisions.
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Tax Analytics

Spend fewer hours in spreadsheets with workflows that help you create faster reports and clearer audit trails.

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Automate Your Analytics

Evolve to the next level of tax, audit, and finance analytics across your organization and join the best-in-class organizations building on their foundations to reduce the substantial waste in current collection and reconciliation processes. By automating these steps, you free yourself and other experts from manual steps, allowing more time for strategic analysis.

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With Alteryx, I let the workflow do all of the work for me and I spend most of my time analyzing data and finding insights that might help our clients.

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