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Inventory and Assortment Optimization

Take the Guesswork Out of Inventory Management


Plan and stock quantities with a clear line of sight into customers

Avoid the costs associated with lost sales, manufacturing delays, reduced revenue, and the loss of customers.

Procure finished goods and raw material stock more efficiently for high demand items while minimizing waste, overbuying, and discounting.

Optimize the allocation of finished goods and materials to distribution locations to reduce delivery times, improve customer satisfaction, minimize costs, and capture sales.


Automate Time-Consuming and Complex Processes

  • Know your customer’s buying habits and optimize inventory.
  • Automate data and analytic workflows, and identify potential internal and external signals before they cause disruption.

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Accurately Inform Inventory and Assortment Decisions

Get accurate insight into customer behaviors and potentially disruptive supply chain events. Blend external and internal signals with cloud data.

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