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Environmental, Social and Governance

Measure, report, and automate your ESG metrics


An Introduction to ESG

Find the critical insights your organization needs to report, measure and document in the complex ESG ecosystem.

According to Accounting for Sustainability:
There is a gap between sustainability ambitions and the work to make them a reality.

  • 93% of Financial Leaders agree it’s very important for their business to transform
  • Yet 19% report that they do not consider ESG information when making decisions



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ESG Data Management and Governance

  • Identify ESG Data Gaps: Reconcile prioritized set of ESG metrics and associated data requirements. Identify data gaps in ESG reporting.
  • Create Consistent ESG Datasets: Import, blend and integrate data from numerous and varied sources to create a single consistent data set for multiple ESG disclosures.

Learn How to Accelerate Your ESG Impact With Automated Analytics


ESG Disclosure and Reporting

  • Reconcile ESG Disclosures: Run current state assessment of disclosures across different reporting channels to identify inconsistencies, driving improvements in data integrity and harmonized reporting outputs.
  • Streamline Reporting: Create repeatable reporting workflows and publish disclosures to relevant stakeholders.

The Wild West of ESG Reporting and Analysis: Why is Managing ESG Data so Challenging?


ESG Assurance and Risk Assessments

  • Simplify Internal Audits: Plan and run EGS audits by leveraging ESG reporting workflows that provide full traceability of data.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify opportunities to integrate ESG auditing and reporting with existing risk assessment and financial reporting.

Focusing on ESG in 2023? Here’s how analytics automation can help.


ESG Corporate Assessments, Analysis and Calculations

  • Classify Carbon Footprint: Create and run repeatable and automated carbon accounting calculations for emissions.
  • Derive ESG Scores and KPIs: Run repeatable and automated calculations for prioritized ESG metrics and overlay with advanced analytics (e.g., geospatial) to drive performance insights.

How to Launch ESG in 4 Steps


Supply Chain Assessment and Optimization

  • Assess Existing Suppliers: Increase transparency of current supplier base sustainability focus for goods and services provided, with continuous monitoring and analysis of supplier base to optimize ESG scores.
  • Optimize Supply Chain: Create and run repeatable diagnostic sustainability assessments.

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End-User Assessment and Optimization

  • Sustainability: Monitor and assess sustainability of the corporate products, services, and investments through continuous analysis of sustainability drivers
  • Optimize Products and Investments: Analyses of customer and end-user trends to innovate products and services.

8 Areas of Your Supply Chain That Can Create Growth Right Now


PwC ESG Bundle

  • ESG Made Easier with Alteryx + PwC: PwC is teaming up with Alteryx on a special bundle offer. PwC is offering an ESG bundle of 10 Alteryx Designer Licenses, ESG consulting services, and Alteryx workflows for clients.
  • PwC ESG Services: PwC has been leading the way In helping organizations with both the design and execution of their ESG strategy.

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