Analytic Consultants

Drive Higher Quality Analytics Projects, Faster

Traditional analytic tools and models deplete your profit margin because they limit analytic consultants’ ability to reuse work across projects and require complicated, one-off processes that allow for little repeatability between clients. The separation of business consulting resources and analytics specialists makes scaling a business nearly impossible.

With Alteryx Analytics, you can create a repeatable approach to analytics projects that you can leverage across all your clients, speeding project development times, increasing project quality, and improving your profit margins.

  • Alteryx enables organizations to capture their analysts’ analytical intellectual property, making it fully portable across all analytic projects
  • Reuse of advanced analytic models eliminates the data rework and reliance on expensive, scarce specialists required to deliver high-quality analytics projects
  • Practice leads and account teams can rapidly and cost-effectively build proofs-of-concept for analytics projects that show clients they are the right partner for project

All this allows analytic consulting organizations to bid and deliver on more projects at the same time, scaling their analytics practice like never before.

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