Turn Network and Customer Data Into Actionable Insight

Whether you’re a wireless, wireline, or cable network operator, the customer is king. From retaining existing customers to acquiring new subscribers from your competitors, competitive advantage in the fast-moving communications market is all about customer satisfaction and network modernization.

Alteryx can help communications companies prepare, blend, and analyze massive amounts of business and engineering data from their Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS), with third-party demographic, firmographic, and geospatial data to provide actionable insights about customers, equipment, and locations. With self-service data analytics from Alteryx, you can:

  • Acquire new customers by preparing, blending, and analyzing customer demographic and competitive contract data
  • Reduce churn by blending and analyzing interaction data to identify high-risk customers and proactively offering personalized promotions
  • Define and optimize 4G deployment plans based on where your most profitable customers work and live
  • Improve network performance by accurately predicting service requirements and prioritizing network upgrades based on revenue potential
  • Strategically expand market reach by assessing potential acquisitions based on existing network assets and desired customer targets


Wireless Carriers

You’ve invested a fortune to have the fastest, most reliable wireless network in your market, including upgrades to reduce dropped calls, speed up connections, and improve the customer experience. Now you want to roll out 4G to expand your service area and grow your customer base. But how do you prioritize these network investments? Which investments have the greatest effect on your most profitable customers? And which new markets have the most potential?

Alteryx enables you to answer these critical questions by combining geographic technical data, such as RF network plans and drive test coverage data, with non-spatial business data, including customer-support call history and billing records. Analytic apps from the Communications District in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery help get you up and running quickly so you can implement customer experience management programs to drive down churn rates, as well as proactively identify coverage gaps where your best customers travel. Armed with this insight, you can grow business within your current markets, as well as discover new opportunities elsewhere and seize them before your competition.

Alteryx Enables You To:
  • Define your 4G network deployment plans based on where your highest-value customers live and work
  • Acquire new customers with targeted marketing campaigns based on demographic data and competitive contract status
  • Decrease customer churn by taking all customer interaction with your service into account and identifying at-risk customers
  • Solve customer experience issues faster by proactively identifying potential network problems
  • Evaluate merger and acquisition targets and competitive threats to determine strategic impact to your embedded network
  • Identify optimal spots for retail locations, and assess the performance of each store and its products


Wireline Carriers

Over the years, your network has grown to include a mix of old and new network technologies, with the newest technologies installed in the biggest, highest-revenue markets. Now, competition and demand for these innovative, value-added services in the smaller markets is catching up to that of the larger ones, but not every technology or service is available in every market. How do you proactively identify the most lucrative markets for expansion and build out your network infrastructure to the right buildings and neighborhoods before your competition?

With Alteryx you can integrate vast amounts of disparate data to determine the specific dynamics of each market you currently or plan to provide service. Powerful analytical tools help you prioritize which markets to build out based on market potential, expected competition, pricing pressure, and capital costs. With Alteryx, you can make informed, strategic decisions and invest your capital budget in the most effective manner.

Alteryx Enables You To:
  • Predict service requirements and optimize capital budget resources by prioritizing network upgrades based on revenue potential
  • Simplify and improve facility utilization monitoring by unifying provisioning records from legacy and next-generation OSS platforms
  • Preempt competitive threats by identifying at-risk customers through social media monitoring and customer experience scoring
  • Attract new customers by creating marketing campaigns targeted to specific customer demographics and bandwidth requirements
  • Analyze strategic impact of industry mergers on your existing network assets and long-range plans


Cable Providers

Thanks to fierce competition with satellite television providers and wireline telecommunication carriers, you have been aggressively adding fiber to increase capacity and combining extensive content with innovative triple-play services. But which markets, services, and customers will generate the most profit? What programming are they watching so you can deliver value to your content providers and advertisers? And where can you leverage your infrastructure to reach the most lucrative business users?

Alteryx lets you determine the most lucrative markets by blending all your critical data — demographics, customer service records, set-top box usage information, and more — in a single, intuitive workflow. With Alteryx, you can create a competitive assessment down to the individual residence or business-building level, so you can make more informed, strategic decisions about where to make capital investments, which customers to target and how to craft the best possible message to win customers.

Alteryx Enables You To:
  • Create highly targeted advertising options using set-top box analysis to determine program viewing preferences and integrated demographics to find similar households
  • Identify lucrative opportunities for cable business services based on proximity to existing network resources
  • Combat competitive threats from phone companies and satellite providers by targeting at-risk customers with retention campaigns
  • Optimize resources by dispatching installation and maintenance personnel based on physical location and estimated drive times
  • Quantify the value of potential acquisitions based on existing network assets and customer targets

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