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Improve Drug Safety, Reduce R + D Costs, and Maximize Revenue

Expiring patents, increasing drug-development costs, outcome-based reimbursement models, and more stringent regulations are all driving life sciences companies to reassess their business models and rethink their approaches to R and D, pricing, and sales and marketing. Pharma and biotech executives looking for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate risks are leaning on already overwhelmed IT departments for faster, more reliable evidence-based insights.

Alteryx can help life sciences companies gain deeper insights by providing line-of-business analysts in R and D, sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, and more the ability to blend and analyze data themselves, without any coding or IT dependence.


With data blending and analytics from Alteryx, business analysts in pharma and biotech companies can:

  • Support drug development and commercialization decisions by accessing, integrating and standardizing clinical trial data from internal and third-party sources
  • Demonstrate drug safety and efficacy and support value-based pricing by analyzing all relevant data — clinical, claims, consumer health, condition, and more
  • Improve physician targeting, sales effectiveness and regulatory compliance by tracking and monitoring physician engagement, sales performance, and more
  • Reduce costs and expand market coverage by assessing potential M and A opportunities based on pipeline, therapeutic area focus, and R and D infrastructure
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with transparent and auditable reporting of business practices, clinical operations, manufacturing processes, and more

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