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Alteryx makes it easy for government organizations of all sizes to streamline and unify analytics processes, including prep, blend, and advanced analytics.

  • Automate your prep, blend, and reporting

  • Enrich your insights with the latest geospatial and location intelligence

  • Apply in-database performance with low-code, no-code tools

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United States Currency

The IRS Improves Accountability and Transparency with Alteryx


Automating Geospatial + Predictive Analytics to Accelerate Insights and Mission Outcomes

Supercharge Your Agency’s Mission

Analysts at federal, state, and local government levels are all faced with pressing questions that demand answers. Meeting the challenge head-on requires analytics automation to build agile, trusted datasets that give stakeholders the actionable intelligence they need to drive change.

One state used Alteryx to revitalize critical service delivery

One Agency leveraged unstructured data and automation to improve insights at speed

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One national public health organization reduced the time to insight

We did a lot of different things with Alteryx, but once we built [a workflow]in Alteryx, we could recreate them using automated business processes. Alteryx was key to moving all those different data sources together and then getting the workflows finely tuned.

South Dakota road and mountains
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Analytics Automation: The “Secret Decoder Ring” for States

Unlocking insights from the Combined Federal/State Filing Program.

Public Sector: SLED
Analytics Leader
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Hand touching water sending ripples
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Reflecting on 2022 and Touching on the Future of Analytics for Government in 2023

A recap of some of the top public sector blogs from 2022 and what lies ahead for 2023.

Public Sector: DOD
Public Sector: FED
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Airplane with sunset
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The FAA Automates Analytics

In 2021, the federal government released a zero-emissions mandate to all cabinet-level offices. Managing this expansive fleet requires high visibility and extensive data analysis. See how Alteryx and Solytics helped make data more accessible, accurate, timely, transparent, and actionable, helping analysts and decision-makers across the FAA manage the nation's aviation network more effectively and efficiently.

Public Sector: Intelligence
Analytics Leader
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