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Accelerate Insights for Your Communities

Simplify and automate the insights you need to deliver outcomes your communities can rely on.


Simplicity at Scale

Alteryx makes it easy for government organizations of all sizes to streamline and unify analytics processes, including prep, blend, and advanced analytics.

  • Automate your prep, blend, and reporting
  • Enrich your insights with the latest geospatial and location intelligence
  • Apply in-database performance with low-code, no-code tools

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Automating Geospatial + Predictive Analytics to Accelerate Insights and Mission Outcomes
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Supercharge Your Agency’s Mission

Analysts at federal, state, and local government levels are all faced with pressing questions that demand answers. Meeting the challenge head-on requires analytics automation to build agile, trusted datasets that give stakeholders the actionable intelligence they need to drive change.

2 Million Applicants

One state used Alteryx to revitalize critical service delivery


Improved Accuracy

One Agency leveraged unstructured data and automation to improve insights at speed

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Accelerated Insights

One national public health organization reduced the time to insight


And a huge one, is the speed and accuracy. Before Alteryx, heavily manual, lots of people involved in it, lots of risk, lots of errors. Every step of the way there was lots of verifications. Things were needing to be processed several times to get the right result. But through Alteryx, we're able to do that and a lot quicker. They're getting their results much, much quicker. It's allowing them to go to trusts in a more timely manner and have those key conversations that they need to make some changes.

Claire Povey, Director of Business and Performance, Collaborative Procurement Partnership


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We did a lot of different things with Alteryx, but once we built [a workflow]in Alteryx, we could recreate them using automated business processes. Alteryx was key to moving all those different data sources together and then getting the workflows finely tuned.

Dr. Matthew McCarville, Former CDO

State of Florida

Four years ago, I was in the Marine Corps and didn’t know what a VLOOKUP was. Now I am an SME for a team of 10 and starting with ML exploration. Within a month of using Alteryx I was saving 25% of my time in data ETL

Jonathan Silva-Novais, Global Supply Chain Operations