Improving Future Outcomes with Certainty

The evolution of data and analytics has grown over the years. No longer is a standard dashboard depicting what happened last month acceptable for decision makers. To get a head of the competition and improve the bottom line, organizations need to understand what is going to happen in the future in order to be more prepared and more profitable. Predictive analytics allows organizations to gain this edge by analyzing current and historical data, to better understand and predict future events, improving business outcomes through more accurate decisions. Unfortunately, most predictive analytic tools are complex, time-consuming, and require coding or expertise in data science and statistics.

Alteryx removes the complexity of predictive analytics for analyst by eliminating the need for coding, and empowers both analysts and data scientists alike to take charge of the entire predictive analytics cycle. Alteryx, with deep integration of R statistics and predictive language, offers a way to bridge the two worlds of ease of use, and sophisticated predictive analytics. As the leader in self- service data analytics, Alteryx lets users take charge of the entire predictive analytics process from data access and data preparation, to modeling and sharing of analytic results all within a single, intuitive platform.

Key Alteryx Capabilities for Predictive Analytics:

  • Access, prep, blend and analyze all relevant data in a repeatable workflow to speed time to insights
  • Incorporate 40+ easy to use, drag-and-drop tools that make predictive and statistical analytics accessible to business analysts, but are sophisticated enough for data scientists to utilize
  • Deliver datasets in a flexible environment for predictive modeling in Alteryx, R, SPSS or SAS
  • Sharing of analytic applications makes it easy to get predictive analytic insights in the hands of decision makers

Visit the Alteryx Predictive District for pre-built tools, workflows, and macros to help analysts incorporate specialized analytic techniques and processes that can help impact the business.

Predictive Analytics




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