Alteryx for Data Analysts

Automate the tedious parts of your job so you can get to the insights that matter.

Automate Your Analytics 

Automate Prep & Blend

Use automated, end-to-end analytics to prep and blend data from all sources and apply analytics — predictive, statistical, and spatial — to deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks, all through a repeatable process, no coding required.

Automate Reporting

Give stakeholders the information they need by automating the delivery of your outcomes to over 70 output sources, including Microsoft Excel, Esri, XML, PDF, SQL, Oracle, and Snowflake. You can even automate your visualization and BI dashboards in Tableau or Qlik.

Ask Deeper Questions

Repeatable analytic processes offer self-service capabilities for predictive, prescriptive, and text analytics. You can even create models with drag-and-drop building blocks in a low-code, no-code environment.

Bring All Your Data Together 

Connect to your most important data sources, regardless of format, to get insights faster. Alteryx democratizes data so that you can move onto the work you love — analyzing data and answering questions.

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All Your Analytics in One Place

Data Wrangling

Alteryx makes it faster and easier than ever to access, transform, and cleanse your data. Plus, data exploration is built into every step of your analytic process in a graphical user interface, complete with visual profiling and insight tools.
Data Wrangling

Since I had deep knowledge and experience with Alteryx, I truly believe that it helped me land my job here at 7-Eleven!

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Data Prep & Blend
Jumpstart your path to analytics mastery with this starter kit.
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Intelligence Suite
Create models in just a few clicks with AutoML.
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Office of Finance
Make forecasts and identify trends with analytics automation.
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Snowflake Starter Kit
Utilize Snowflake’s in-database and bulk-loading capabilities directly in Alteryx.
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Alteryx works overtime so you don’t have to. Get started right away with one of our prebuilt starter kits.
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Assess your ROI Potential

Use the interactive ROI calculator to estimate the value of analytics automation on your bottom line.
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How to Increase ROI Through Data Democratization 

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Why Alteryx is a Better Choice for Enterprise Analytics

Why Alteryx is a better choice for organizations that want to experience a unified analytics platform that is easy to use and upskills your existing workforce to enable a democratized approach to data.

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Alteryx Platform
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DIY Data

How to Eliminate the Chasm Between Analysts and IT

Want to strengthen your ability to collaborate across business users and IT? Learn how Designer Cloud makes it easier than ever to accomplish collaboration across the organization.

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Transform Your Analytics

Get ready to unlock hidden insights in your data.