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Alteryx for Data Scientists

Accelerate machine learning modeling and focus on insights with analytics automation and AutoML solution.


Solve on Your Terms

Automation + Custom Code

Whether via your own code or configurable analytic building blocks, use Alteryx to automate data preparation, blending, enrichment, and transformation.

Accelerate Every Step of the Model Lifecycle

Deploy a working model in minutes. Instantly see relationships, compare algorithm performance with just a few clicks, and train models in an end-to-end machine learning pipeline.

Operationalize Faster

Experience self-service model deployment with no recoding required. Deploy anywhere: Cloud, on-premises, or in a hosted environment. Easily integrate models into existing applications such as Tableau.

How Augmentation and Automation Empower Data Scientists

Hear from Bill Lyons, principal data scientist at K-LOVE & Air1 Radio Networks, about how he saved his station millions in royalty fees by accelerating prescriptive analytics with the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform.

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Sharpen Your Insights with Augmented Data Science

Assess and Clean
Feature Engineering
Visualization and Documentation
Real-time Model Deployment

Assess and Clean

With 80+ connectors, and a full suite of data preparation tools, you have total control of the data preparation process. Transparent analytic workflows allow you to assess data integrity and cleanse data in real time as you blend and prepare for analysis.


Feature Engineering

Experience feature engineering and model training with the unprecedented ease and speed of analytic workflows — which can leverage both your own code and Alteryx automation building blocks for the right blend of custom and out-of-the-box transformations.


Visualization and Documentation

Transparency becomes automatic with analytic workflows that visually display every step in your analysis with customizable annotations. Explore your data in an onboard results grid at any point in your analytic workflow to make faster decisions about your next step.


Real-time Model Deployment

Deploy R, Python, or even low-code models quickly and reliably with a self-service system that cuts out the delays and risks of recoding. Export model results and insights directly into Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik quickly and easily for rapid analysis and communication.


Turn Data Into Breakthroughs

See a faster return on your investment, identify areas to save, increase efficiency, and upskill teams. The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform brings data, processes, and people together and delivers results across all departments.



Sales increase. See a faster return on your investment and discover areas for growth.

Grow Your Revenue


Annual savings. Identify areas for cost savings to return money to the bottom-line.

Save Money


Efficiency improvement. Increase shipping and delivery while reducing the time it takes to analyze data.

Save Time


People upskilled. Upskill your current work staff or hire from a larger talent pool.

Build Teams

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