Transform Your Data Strategy

Serve the entire organization with centralized data analytics

Turn your analytics strategy into one that proactively serves the organization. Maintain a standardized, centrally governed, enterprise-grade analytics infrastructure that brings data, processes, and people together.

Bring Everything Together

Data. Workflows. Reports. No matter the data type, the solution solved, or the insights gained, you can keep it all under one roof with Alteryx. Keep everyone on the same page and make sure the right people can access everything they need quickly and securely.
Bring Everything Together

Connect. Expand. Govern.     

100s of Inputs + Outputs

Automate the importing and exporting of your data. Alteryx supports hundreds of data sources and data types. It also helps capture all the disparate data used in your analysis and organize it, too.
Inputs and Outputs

I can use Alteryx for simple data prep jobs, but I can also automate emails, reports, presentations. I have access to geospatial tools as well as predictive analytics all in one package.

Assess your ROI Potential

Use the interactive ROI calculator to estimate the value of analytics automation on your bottom line.
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Alteryx Governance & CoE Setup

A tiger team was brought in to develop frameworks for Governance, Best Practices Compliance, and Economy of Scale to meet IT governance standards. With Alteryx, this team realized efficiency gains in operations, enhanced ability to scale, and reduced time to insight.

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How to Eliminate the Chasm Between Analysts and IT

Want to strengthen your ability to collaborate across business users and IT? Learn how Designer Cloud makes it easier than ever to accomplish collaboration across the organization.

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The Hidden Side of Analytics

Wisdom from Freakonomics’ Stephen Dubner.

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