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For C-Level Executives

Enable every employee to leverage data and uncover new opportunities to help run the business.


Transform Your Organization

Data and analytics are transforming organizations, industries, and the entire world. Companies find amazing benefits and more value from data when employees leverage that data in new ways and work together to find solutions to the biggest challenges ― uncovering the most promising opportunities.

With a growing amount of data available and a rapidly increasing pace of business, organizations need to transform quickly to win. The old ways of IT-led analytics and dashboards are not enough. To unleash the true value of data within your organization, employees with domain expertise need to come together on a centralized analytics platform to solve difficult problems.


Fuel Corporate Performance

The Alteryx Platform is the only purpose-built platform designed to unite all your data workers with the data and analytic assets they never knew existed ― all in a controlled and secure way. We make your data more searchable and trackable, while our powerful data lineage provides visibility for governance. Just like that, data discovery and data security become breathtakingly easy. Fuel corporate performance with a culture of collaboration, sharing, and innovation with data.


Reduce Friction

From finding data to combining data to working with others across analytic languages, sometimes analytic processes are akin to swimming against a current. This friction impacts productivity and motivation for teams that use data to answer questions across your organization ― directly reducing value from data and analytics.


Reduce Waste

That includes creating something new simply because it’s easier to create than to find something that has already been created or reprogramming code to use in business processes. These wasteful activities keep you from running a lean, effective organization.


Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Get a better understanding of where you stand on the analytics maturity scale – and where you want to be.


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