Faster self-service analytics with Salesforce data and Wave Analytics

Alteryx allows for fast and easy self-service analytics with Salesforce data and Wave Analytics. Analysts can now drive deeper insights without manual scripting or spreadsheet work. The resulting insights are critical for identifying new revenue opportunities, optimizing marketing campaign effectiveness, improving planning and forecasting accuracy, setting sales team deployment strategies, and much more.


By combining the power of Alteryx and Salesforce, analysts can:

  • Get deeper insights from Salesforce data by rapidly blending it with any other data sources
  • Enrich Salesforce data with 3rd party data and apply advanced predictive and spatial analytics
  • Produce and automate repeatable workflows for the perfect datasets and visualization in Wave Analytics

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Data Blending and Advanced Analytics

By combining the power of Alteryx and Salesforce, analysts can quickly blend their CRM data with other sources to produce the perfect datasets for analysis, including advanced predictive and geo-spatial analysis. With Alteryx’s easy-to-use drag and drop tools, it is easy for analysts to blend data, enrich it with third party information, and harness the power of R to uncover deeper insights.

With Alteryx, sales and marketing analysts are empowered to:

  • Prep and blend Salesforce data with any other sources rapidly. Extract and prep data from Salesforce and then easily blend it with structured, semi-structured or disparate data from other sources. Produce analytics-ready datasets from Salesforce, reducing complexity and the processing time required to unlock important answers.
  • Enrich Salesforce data for a more complete picture. Easily combine third party data, from the likes of Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet, and get a better understanding of your customers and a more complete picture of your business so you can make more-informed decisions.
  • Deliver richer insights with advanced predictive and geo-spatial analytics. Apply powerful, yet easy-to-use, advanced analytics to Salesforce data and get deeper insights without the need for coding from predictive specialist

Visualizations with Wave Analytics

With Alteryx and Wave Analytics, analysts have an end-to-end data access, preparation, analysis, and visualization process. Using Alteryx, analysts can produce the ideal datasets with Salesforce data, analyze it, and then connect to Wave Analytics for visualization. Getting from data to insights has never been easier.

With Alteryx, sales and marketing analysts are empowered to:

  • Create and write the perfect datasets for visualization in Wave Analytics. Analysts can directly write to Salesforce and Wave Analytics tables once data is prepped and blended, making it easy to go from Salesforce data to visualization and analytics insights.
  • Keep visualizations current with automated and easily-updated workflows. Analysts can iterate upon Alteryx workflows — manually or automatically — to ensure visualizations are kept up-to-date despite data changes, saving hours in manual updates.
  • Build upon existing workflows to address new questions with Wave visualization. As new questions arise, analysts can quickly address them using their existing Alteryx workflows and Wave dashboards.

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