Alteryx enables analysts to easily blend and prepare SAP data in a drag-and-drop environment.

Alteryx allows for fast self-service analytics by enabling analysts to easily extract data from SAP BW (including SAP BW on HANA), and SAP Business Suite Applications (including SAP ECC, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP TPM etc.). As analysts support decisions that require more and more data, they progress from spreadsheets to business systems such as SAP. Alteryx delivers the ability for analysts to quickly connect to, pull or push data from or into the database, and take full advantage of the large, rich data fabric they have access to. The data from SAP can be easily blended with other datasets to provide a broader context for analysis.

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Analysts can take advantage of the combined power of Alteryx and SAP thru the following:

  • Input and Output data to and from SAP HANA using the Alteryx SAP HANA connector.
  • Input and Output data to and from SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 10 using Alteryx to connect to these databases.
  • The Alteryx connector from DVW enables users to extract and blend data from SAP BW and SAP Business Suite. Build the model for data extraction from SAP once. Schedule extractions for off-peak times. Automatically refresh using the Alteryx Server to produce updated data from SAP.
  • Integrate SAP ERP or SAP BW data into Alteryx using the Xtract Universal Add-on from Theobald Software. Extractions are created, accesses, released, and monitored for consumers via the Xtract Universal Designer.

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