Increase Traveler Loyalty while Optimizing Revenue and Operations

Understanding the wants and preferences of travelers when their data is spread across multiple channels, locations, properties, and systems, is not easy. Adding to the complexity is the need to maximize revenue through optimal asset consumption – be it hotel rooms, restaurant tables or airline seats – and ensure the right service levels. It is no surprise that travel and hospitality executives are increasingly relying on analytics for data-driven decisions.

Alteryx empowers data analysts in travel and hospitality to self-sufficiently derive insights about their customers, operations and properties without any coding or IT dependence. Using self-service data analytics from Alteryx, you can:

  • Get a consistent view of customers by accessing, preparing and blending data about their purchase patterns, loyalty data, interactions and more, across all properties, channels and locations
  • Maximize revenue and occupancy levels by accurately forecasting room occupancy and seat demand based on purchase history, market trends, special events and more
  • Reduce asset failure and maximize uptime by predicting emerging quality issues in hotels, aircrafts, cruise ships and more, to schedule corrective maintenance
  • Optimize market presence by analyzing local travel, and hospitality needs based on local demand, trade area demographics and competitive presence

Travel & Hospitality Analytics for...

Hotels & Casinos

Understand traveler preferences based on past purchases, loyalty card data and interactions history to deliver personalized offers and services; forecast occupancy rates based on local demand, market trends and more to optimize room prices and occupancy rates; monitor staff performance and optimize staffing decisions based on service volumes, property types and guest expectations; assess vendor performance by cost and quality of service, on-time delivery and more, to consolidate spend, negotiate contracts and optimize the supplier base; identify partnership/M&A opportunities; and optimize market presence by property type based on local business needs, trade area demographics, competitive presence and more.

Airlines, Railways, and Cruise Lines

Get one view of the customer based on travel profiles, purchase history, preferred routes, airline/club memberships and more, to deliver personalized promotions and experience; forecast demand based on destination, past demand, and competitive pricing to maximize ticket pricing and occupancy rates; monitor asset performance and detect emerging quality issues in aircraft engines, ships, rail lines and more to schedule timely maintenance, avoid downtime and meet expected service levels; optimize labor schedules based on demand, service expectations, location, and guest tiers; and optimize service routes and market coverage based on local demand, competition, and market trends.



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