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Outreach Toolkit for associates and supporters.

Thanks for being a SparkED advocate...

Our outreach toolkit is designed to help Alteryx associates and supporters everywhere share the SparkED education program with their own education connections, like their alma maters, professional data analytics organizations, local education advocates, etc.

Earn rewards like SparkED t-shirts, stylus/highlighter pens, and community recognition. Learn more below. 
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SparkED T-shirt


What is SparkED-in-a-Box?

  • A toolkit assembled to enable Associates and other advocates to reach out to their education connections (alma maters, professional or municipal education orgs, online programs, nearby campuses, kids’ colleges, etc.) Note: our high school option will be available in Fall 2022; SparkED is currently only available for community colleges, universities, and online programs, globally 

  • Slides are simple, and many include talking points in the Notes below the slide 

  • If your contact is interested, the SparkED team will step in with further support/setup 

Why do this outreach?

  • Alteryx wants to become the global thought leader and go-to educator in data analytics

  • Spread awareness of the SparkED education program

  • Inspire interest in offering our learning content to empower students with data skills

  • Help address the growing skills gap (organizations are struggling to find good talent with data skills)  

  • The expansion of our SparkED program also expands the world of Alteryx brand mindshare, Designer expertise, and product preference 

How do I do it? 

  • And a quick video to introduce you to this presentation  

Want rewards? 

Complete our online form telling us about your outreach efforts (form can be used more than once for each contact). Earn the following rewards: 

  • You sent an email to an education lead:  get a SparkED t-shirt 

  • Quick overview call completed:  get a SparkED stylus pen 

  • Lead agrees to a warm hand-off (2nd call) with a SparkED education manager:  get an email signature block: “I’m a SparkED Advocate” 

  • Lead is now using education licenses and offering SparkED learning content:  get more SparkED SWAG and Community recognition 

  • We may ask for your input for an impact story to inspire other Associates and Supporters to do similar outreach 

Tell us how this toolkit could be improved:  send email

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PPT inspiration and guidance video

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Complete our form to earn rewards

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