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Through SparkED, Alteryx is addressing the global skills gap in data analytics. This outreach toolkit makes it easy for anyone to introduce the free SparkED education program to their own connections, like their alma mater, professional organization, etc. For Alteryx employees and anyone outside the company who would like to bring modern data analytics to more learners.

Check out a story about an Alteryx associate who helped bring the SparkED data analytics program with Pepperdine and UCLA. Earn a t-shirt just for sending an outreach email. We've created one to save you time.


What is in SparkED-in-a-Box? resources

  • Ready-to-use email you can customize, or simply sign and send to a contact

  • If they agree to a quick call with you, use our simple slides on your call

  • If your contact is interested in learning more, use the Feedback Form to let the SparkED team take over

Why do this outreach?

  • Alteryx wants to become the global thought leader and go-to educator in data literacy and analytics

  • Spread awareness of the SparkED program to help address the skills gap (organizations struggle to find talent)

  • Inspire interest in empowering college and university students with in-demand skills

  • Expand the world of Alteryx brand mindshare, Designer expertise, and product preference 

How do I do it?

Want rewards? 

Use our Feedback Form to let us know about your efforts (the form can be used more than once for each contact). Earn the following rewards: 

  • Send an email to a lead:  get a SparkED t-shirt 

  • Complete a quick call with your contact:  get more swag      

  • They want to learn more from a SparkED education manager:  get more

  • Their institution now offers SparkED to their students:  get Community recognition 

Tell us how this toolkit could be improved:  send email

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