Independent Learners

For non-academic learners and career changers.


Acquire Data Skills for a Competitive Advantage

Good information, good data and the capacity to derive insights in order to make good decisions are more critical than ever. Analytics serve as a stabilizer across all disciplines and industries. We recognize that any data worker in an organization has the ability to tackle sophisticated analytical tasks if empowered with the right training and technology.  

Through the SparkED education program, you will have access to free data analytics learning paths, an Alteryx Designer license, and a community of thousands of Alteryx users. We also offer a Job Board. Whether you are brand new to data or want to sharpen your knowledge of advanced, predictive analytics, the SparkED program will equip you with the skills you need to cross over into a data-enabled career path.  


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Start Your Analytics Journey Today

HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M ELIGIBLE? Independent, individual learners of all skill levels, including those who may have no prior experience with data, are encouraged to participate. However, if you are a student in a traditional academic learning environment, please click here to learn about your other options. If you are an employee looking to upskill for your employer, please click here to learn about professional development options. 


  • Free rich media learning content, self-paced
  • Free 3-month Alteryx Designer education license
  • Free access to thousands of data analytics experts, user groups and more resources within the global Alteryx Community
  • Preparation to earn micro-credentials and the Alteryx certifications

WHAT IS THE TIME INVESTMENT? The time involved in completing the program varies based on your skill level and desired outcome. Most participants can expect to spend 50 hours completing the program.

HOW DOES THIS HELP ME SUCCEED? Participants will be able to leverage a more robust skillset and resume. With the global shortage of data analysts, these skills are in high demand and will give you an edge in the job market. And you will always have access to our free Community of support.

Questions? Please email [email protected].