Spatial Analysis Tools

Geospatial data can offer a wealth of information. Yet, on its own is difficult to derive any relevant information that can transform, improve and give an organization a competitive edge. Alteryx Analytics offers a wide range of industry leading Spatial Analysis tools to help organizations take advantage of their location based data to make more informed decisions.

This is a sample of the tools available in the Alteryx Designer. For the full list of tools, click here.

Icon Tool Description
Buffer Buffer Expand or contract the extents of a spatial object (typically a polygon).
Create Points Create Points Create spatial points in the data stream using numeric coordinate fields.
Distance Distance Calculate the distance or drive time between a point and another point, line, or polygon.
Find Nearest Find Nearest Identify the closest points or polygons in one file to the points in a second file.
Generalize Generalize Simplify a polygon or polyline object by decreasing the number of nodes.
Heat Map Heat Map Generate polygons representing different levels of "heat" (e.g. demand) in a given area, based on individual records (e.g. customers).
Make Grid Make Grid Create a grid within spatial objects in the data stream.
Non Overlap Drivetime Non Overlap Drivetime Create drive time trade areas that do not overlap for a point file.
Poly-Build Poly-Build Create a polygon or polyline from sets of points.
Poly-Split Poly-Split Split a polygon or polyline into its component polygons, lines, or points.
Smooth Smooth Round off sharp angles of a polygon or polyline by adding nodes along its lines.
Spatial Info Spatial Info Extract information about a spatial object, such as area, centroid, bounding rectangle, etc.
Spatial Match Spatial Match Combine two data streams based on the relationship between two sets of spatial objects to determine if the objects intersect, contain or touch one another.
Spatial Process Spatial Process Create a new spatial object from the combination or intersection of two spatial objects.
Trade Area Trade Area Define radii (including non-overlapping) or drive-time polygons around specified points.


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